Author: Brenda Hollman

Social Studies Cultures

SS CultureIn Kindergarten, we are learning about different cultures. This week we studied about how each culture has different types of homes. Some of the homes are made of brick, rock, and mud. Some people in Turkey live in cave dwellings and people can live in boat houses in Thailand. Native Americans lived in tepees, and in Africa people can live in round mud huts. Cultures are very interesting and we enjoyed making different types of homes with recycled milk and juice boxes.

Butterfly Release

Butterfly ReleaseWe celebrated the butterflies’ freedom on the same day as Mexico’s Cinco de Mayo!! Kindergarten enjoyed seeing caterpillars turn to butterflies!! John Michael brought in the butterfly kit to class! The kit came with caterpillars and their food. After a week they formed their cocoon and were placed in a special butterfly cage. Six days later they popped out as a butterfly. We fed them sugar water and fruit for several days and then it was time for their release!! These butterflies are called “Painted Ladies”. We had five butterflies to release on May 5th! 5/5/16. We celebrated their freedom today too!!

Kindergarteners Pair Up to Read

K Paried ReadingThis morning, the Kindergartners found books that were on their reading level and read it to their “Reading Partner”. They read their book two times to their partner. I was amazed at how much they enjoyed helping each other and how well they read together. After they read to their partner, a few of them were able to read their leveled books to Mrs. McMasters. In Reading, practice makes perfect. The Kindergartners love books and are becoming skilled readers!!

Kindergarten’s New Year

Kindergarten New YearIn Kindergarten, we are starting the New Year out right! Our nap time is gone, so we are filling the afternoon with some fun learning activities. Our Center times include Dramatic play where they are learning how to be young entrepreneurs in the restaurant business. They are taking orders, cooking up food and serving their customers with kindness.
Another center area is the white boards where we practice writing our letters and numbers. We are making sure that every letter and number are going the right direction. Puzzles are also a fun center area as it really engages the mind. Each day we are working in different centers. Who says learning can’t involve playing? Kindergarten kids love to play and learn, and we can do it all at the same time!

Kindergarten Learning and Blessings!

imagejpeg_0Kindergarten is a busy bunch of bees! We are learning our letter sounds, rhyming words and how to count to 100! In Social Studies, we are learning what country we live in, as well as what state, county and town! We are leaning about safety in Science and how to solve problems. In Math, we are learning odd and even numbers and how to form patterns.
We are so excited about reading with Mrs. McMasters everyday! She comes and spends time each day reading with the Kindergarten class as well as the 1st and 2nd grades! Being a seasoned teacher, she knows exactly how to encourage them to sound out words and enjoy reading! We are SO THANKFUL and BLESSED for her coming and helping our students be excellent readers!!


JanKcollagepix.jpgKindergarten is beginning the year with some fun center times! Thanks to our PTO we have a Reading Center and some fun new books on CD! Loretto Telephone Company helped us get our nice reading table too! We are so blessed! The children love to listen to books being read to them and it’s a huge way to build the children’s literacy skills.
We are also working on writing our upper and lower case letters “neatly”. We use white boards, paper and even our tablets to work on writing our letters.
The children love to work with blocks, Lego’s and waffle blocks to help build the children’s motor skills as well as their creativity.
We are working on our puppet stage too. The children are making up their own plays and perform them for the class! We are still singing the songs from our Christmas play too! Kindergarten is the place where creativity and learning connect!!

Sunflowers Bloom in Kindergarten

KindergartenKindergarten is a very fun and busy place! The children are adjusting to their new schedule and lessons. We have been learning how to write our letters as well as the sounds they make! In the afternoons we work in our centers and the children love to explore each area! I want to thank the parents and others who have contributed to the dress up area and other classroom items!
We have also been reading some fun some books like “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” and Pete the Cat series. We are learning to to count to 20. Today in line we counted up to 40! Our goal is 100 and I think we will reach that soon! This week we are learning about sunflowers. We made sunflowers out of paper plates in Art. The children had fun coloring and gluing the paper petals on their sunflowers. We will be hanging them in our classroom as they are so bright and cheery!