Author: Shelly Stepp

5th & 6th Grade Researchers

The 5th/6th grade have worked for the last week on researching either an extinct or endangered animal. They researched and took notes on a specific animal, then chose  a project to complete to share what they learned. Students wrote magazine articles, short stories, created infographics, and one made a video. Students shared their final products with the class today.

Faith Walk

7-8-faith-walkAs part of our study of Mary’s example of total faith in God by saying “Yes” to being the mother of Jesus at the Annunciation with the Angel Gabriel, the 7th/8th grade students  participated in a faith walk in which one student was assigned to lead another blindfolded through obstacles only using words. The students got a small glimpse at was it is like to have “blind  faith” and also found out that being the leader is not so easy either!