Category: Schoolwide Stories

LorettoTel Sponsored Breakfast

This morning, Loretto Telecom sponsored a Reading Breakfast for our students. This breakfast was to celebrate all the reading they have done throughout the year, in particular during the month of March. We are so proud of our students!

Exciting Soccer Win!

This evening, SHS won their soccer game against Zion Christian Academy with a score of 3-2!!! After we played our hearts out, we gathered in the center of the field with the Zion players & prayed & praised God for the ability to play soccer together!  NOW, THAT’S AWESOME!!!

“Zombie Island”

Yesterday in 5th grade science, the class was marooned on “Zombie Island”. They had to use the design process and work in groups to design and build a series circuit. Every group built a successful circuit and made the light bulb work in order to protect themselves from the zombies. They even installed switches in their circuits! Today, they will be given additional bulbs and batteries to see if they can successfully create parallel circuits.


The gauntlet has been thrown and picked up!  This week, Principal Marks challenged the students to read 10,000 pages in the month of March – we had 1 class alone to meet this challenge IN A WEEK!  The 1st & 2nd grade class has read 10,642 pages!!!  Why even Pre-K has even jumped on board and read 892 pages this week!  We are so proud of our students!
So, now a new challenge has been issued…..Can the students read 100,000 pages???  WE BELIEVE IT’S A GOAL THEY CAN REACH, BUT WILL BE A CHALLENGE. We’ll keep you up-to-date.