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Spanish Class

imagejpeg_0 (1)In Spanish class, the students not only learn about the Spanish language and culture, but play games and have activities to make learning easier and fun.  Here, Brayden Bennett enjoys his birthday during Spanish class while playing “Word Wacker” with Spanish classroom objects.


Spanish class collage, 0915Yesterday, the Spanish class went outside and played fútbol where they put their Spanish phrases and words to “action”!  They had a great time while playing fútbol with our visiting priest, Father Benny.  These pictures show them having a wonderful time outside learning and putting their knowledge to use.

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo PixToday, we celebrated Cinco de Mayo and Teacher Appreciation Day.  Mrs. Sue and the students worked really hard to make this a special day with sombreros and a piñata.  During break, we ate cheese or salsa with chips and had a brownie with milk or water.  The students had already learned a dance and Mrs. Sue taught it to the teachers.  They also sang a song in Spanish while the teachers “attempted” to hit the piñata.  It was such fun for everyone.  For lunch, the teachers were treated with a meal from Nana’s Pizzeria.  We have the BEST TEACHERS here at Sacred Heart School!