Penny Drive

6218262442_d0ed050112_oHere’s how the Penny Drive works. Each classroom will receive a bucket. Students can then put pennies in their favorite classroom’s bucket and lots of other coins and bills in another classroom’s bucket.

All week long, students will bring pennies and other monies to place in the buckets each morning.

Pennies count positive points and other monies count negative points. That means, if a student puts a $20 bill in a classroom’s bucket, that room will have to gather 2,000 pennies in the bucket to have a positive total.

The classroom with the highest positive point total at the end of the week will be the winner.

Come be a part of the fun and strategy as each one must decide where to place his or her coins. We will need volunteers to transport each day’s totals to the Parish Life Center and to count all the coins and bills!

To volunteer, please contact the school.