School Rules: Pre-K and Kindergarten

School Rules

  1. Show reverence (honor) for God and His name.
  2. Show respect for the United States of America.
  3. Show respect for others and for yourself.
  4. Treat materials, equipment, and property in a responsible manner.
  5. Use appropriate voice level and language at all times.
  6. Bring only permitted items to school.
  7. Follow dress code as printed in the Parent-Student Handbook.

Pre-K & Kindergarten Rules

  1. Use walking feet
  2. Use listening ears
  3. Use inside voices
  4. Keep hands and feet to yourself
  5. Be nice and share with everybody

Behavior Policy for Pre-K and Kindergarten

Our behavior policy uses green, yellow, and red faces. Each morning, every child receives a green smiley face beside his/her name which means that the child is being good. If a child begins to misbehave, then he/she will receive a verbal warning from the teacher. The student gets 3 verbal warnings. If the student has to be told a 4th time to stop the misbehavior, then he/she will receive a yellow face and lose 15 minutes of free play time. This is usually all that is needed for the child to behave. However, if a 5th warning is given, then the child receives a red face with a frown, loses all play time, and the parents are contacted. We find that this system works very well and is very easy for the children to understand. We have been very successful in using this method.