Sponsor a Patriot Program

6997203695_a34a72cef3_oSacred Heart School strives to make sure that no child is deprived of a quality Christian education because of finances. Unfortunately, the funds available to provide scholarships to students to attend the school are limited. That’s where you and the the SHS Sponsor a Patriot Program comes in.

You make a payment to Sacred Heart School to sponsor all or part of a student’s  tuition and other costs associated with attending. Sacred Heart will apply your funds directly to a student’s tuition and fees. This is more than just another school fundraiser. These donations will directly assist a boy or girl who would otherwise be unable to afford to attend Sacred Heart School.

100% of the funds donated to this program
are applied directly to student tuition and fees.

Several donation levels are available (Prices listed as of the 2014-2015 academic year):

  • Full – Tuition and fees plus 3 uniforms ($2549)
  • Tuition ($2000)
  • 50% Tuition ($1000)
  • 25% Tuition ($500)
  • One (or more) uniforms: You can let us know how many you would like to supply and if you would like them to be provided to one or multiple students. ($58 each)
  • General Scholarship Fund: These donations are spread across multiple students at the discretion of the school administration, but the funds are still applied to students 100%.
  • Tuition Reduction Fund: This fund is spread across all of our students who need assistance to reduce the tuition that they are asked to pay.

For more information, just fill out this contact form, and we will be in touch.

If you are ready to Sponsor a Patriot, you can either bring a check to the office or donate now through PayPal’s secure servers.

Sponsor A Patriot Options:

To donate to the General Scholarship Fund or Tuition Reduction Fund, please fill out the form on the SHS PayPal Donations Page, and identify the fund to which you are donating in the special instructions.

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