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4-H Officers

The 3rd & 4th grade class,as well as the 5th & 6th grade class, held their first 4-H meeting this year and voted for their officers .  The officers for the 3rd & 4th grade class are as follows: President- Andrew Busby, Vice President-Samantha Stepp, Secretary-Blaze Thomason, & Service Learning Chairperson-Hayden Marks.  The 5th & 6th grade officers are:Cara Forsythe- President, Noah Roberson- Vice President, Easton Busby-Secretary and Neddie McNary-Service Learning Chairperson.  Congratulations!  We look forward to a great 4-H year.

4-H Demonstrations

April 4-HOur 4-H topic this month was Demonstrations or Interactive Exhibits.  Each student did a great job of explaining each step of their topic.  You would be very surprised at how many steps it takes to open a bottle of water to drink or just to tie your shoes.  Can you explain to someone how to make tea who has never made it before or how to play an instrument?  Do you know how to make compost out of a bottle or sew on a button?  How about grooming a horse or making a lava lamp?  After listening to these demonstrations, you really felt you could go out and do them!  Great Job, SHS!!!

Hippology (the study of horses)

12734119_660940780713408_4223241889922727439_nThe Lawrence County Junior 4-H Horse Club competed in the Tennessee 4-H State Hippology and Horse Bowl Contest on February 27 at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville.  This was their 1st time to qualify for the state competition and they did a wonderful job and won the Reserve Champion Junior Team in Hippology and was fourth overall  in the Horse Bowl Competition.  They competed against 73 teams and over 200 students individually.  The Lawrence County team consisted of Sierra Brus, our very own Kendel Gray,  Kadin Inman, and Charlotte Vogel.  Sierra won 10th place in the overall awards and Kendel Gray placed 11th in the overall award.  GREAT JOB!  We are so proud of you!!!

Cooking in 4-H

4-H CookingThis month for 4-H, the students were to show off their cooking skills.  They were to either bake cookies or cornbread, depending upon the class.  Everyone was to provide a recipe for their baked goods and each received a ribbon.  The tastings of the cornbread and cookies were delicious!  Moms and dads, you may have a soon-to-be world renowned chef in your house!!!

Recycling in 4-H

3-6, 4-H, 012116-Recycled Piggy Bank WinnersIn our 4-H classes, we brought piggy banks made out of recyclable items.  The students had some really cute and creative ideas!  Our 1st place winners for the 3rd & 4th grades were Noah Roberson, Jolie Etienne, Mason McMasters, Henry Augustin, Easton Busby and Courtney Walker and the 1st place winners for the 5th and 6th grades were Sydney Stepp, Ruby Augustin, Hannah Marks, Luke Thomas, Jimmy Yarbro, Clare Jones, and Kendel Gray.  Edee Johnson’s recyclable piggy bank was chosen as the best in the school and will represent SHS at the county level competition.

A New 4-H Year

4-H Meeting Collage, 09-15The 3rd-6th grades had their 1st 4-H meetings today.  There was a lot of participation while discussing what next month’s topic and project will be as well as voting for officers.  The 3rd-4th grade officers are President Joseph Jones, Vice President Sebastian Sanders, Secretary Henry Augustin, and Service Learning Chairperson Jolie Etienne.  For the 5th-6th grade, the officers are President Sydney Stepp, Vice President Hannah Marks, Secretary Kendel Gray, and Service Learning Chairperson Rosalia Neel.  Get ready for a fun year!