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Solar Eclipse @ SHS

We had a great time experiencing the Solar Eclipse @ SHS today.  As junior scientists, we listened and observed the difference in the environment during the eclipse.  And, of course, it was TOTALLY AWESOME to see the eclipse!

Looking Back

5th-6th gr CSW Camping IMG_20170131_104117 IMG_20170131_104624-1 IMG_20170131_104652 IMG_20170131_104739 IMG_20170131_110639Last week, we celebrated Catholic Schools’ Week and had such fun!  Looking back at our fun-filled, busy week, our camping day had to be “funnest” day we had with the “camp fires” and s’mores.  Here is Mrs. Stepp’s class and an explanation of what they did. As part of our Catholic School’s Week festivities, 5th and 6th grades spent their Language Arts block outside around a “campfire.” We ate s’mores, told ghost stories, sang a song, and read about monster goldfish and wild boars as invasive species. As you can see, we all enjoyed our “camping trip.”

Social Studies Cultures

SS CultureIn Kindergarten, we are learning about different cultures. This week we studied about how each culture has different types of homes. Some of the homes are made of brick, rock, and mud. Some people in Turkey live in cave dwellings and people can live in boat houses in Thailand. Native Americans lived in tepees, and in Africa people can live in round mud huts. Cultures are very interesting and we enjoyed making different types of homes with recycled milk and juice boxes.