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Resurrection Rolls in Pre-K

Resurrection RollsWe made Resurrection Rolls in Pre-K today for Easter. You wrap a big marshmallow in a crescent roll and when you bake it, the marshmallow disappears. It represents the Empty Tomb on Easter Sunday. Before you roll Jesus (the marshmallow) in the tomb (roll), you anoint Him with oils (melted butter) and spices (cinnamon and sugar). Then when you open the tomb, it is empty.

Faith Walk

7-8-faith-walkAs part of our study of Mary’s example of total faith in God by saying “Yes” to being the mother of Jesus at the Annunciation with the Angel Gabriel, the 7th/8th grade students  participated in a faith walk in which one student was assigned to lead another blindfolded through obstacles only using words. The students got a small glimpse at was it is like to have “blind  faith” and also found out that being the leader is not so easy either!

Butterfly Release

Butterfly ReleaseWe celebrated the butterflies’ freedom on the same day as Mexico’s Cinco de Mayo!! Kindergarten enjoyed seeing caterpillars turn to butterflies!! John Michael brought in the butterfly kit to class! The kit came with caterpillars and their food. After a week they formed their cocoon and were placed in a special butterfly cage. Six days later they popped out as a butterfly. We fed them sugar water and fruit for several days and then it was time for their release!! These butterflies are called “Painted Ladies”. We had five butterflies to release on May 5th! 5/5/16. We celebrated their freedom today too!!

Kindergarteners Pair Up to Read

K Paried ReadingThis morning, the Kindergartners found books that were on their reading level and read it to their “Reading Partner”. They read their book two times to their partner. I was amazed at how much they enjoyed helping each other and how well they read together. After they read to their partner, a few of them were able to read their leveled books to Mrs. McMasters. In Reading, practice makes perfect. The Kindergartners love books and are becoming skilled readers!!