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Penny Drive – Friday

What a SHAKE UP!!! The 5th & 6th grade class stole the thunder out from under the rest with their win. Today, the classes raised over $2,000!!!
Sacred Heart wants to thank the PTO for sponsoring the Penny Drive and working tirelessly at counting pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, & dollars. They are dedicated to our students and we thank them for continuing to come out each morning and year. We want to give our PTO a BIG SALUTE & to congratulate the 5th & 6th grade class on their win!

Easter Bunny

Easter Egg HuntThe Easter Bunny was seen today at our Easter Egg Hunt!  The students had fun looking for the hidden eggs, eating their candy and, of course, finding the gold and silver eggs!  Although we have had fun with the Easter Bunny, we have been sure to teach and celebrate the TRUE MEANING of Easter – JESUS!  Each class has studied and learned about Holy Week and the 7th & 8th grades had the Passover Meal this morning.

Dude, You Hear What I Hear?

dude-you-hear-what-i-hear-imageTONIGHT is our Christmas Play!  We are so excited and looking forward to helping others understand that Christmas isn’t about a guy named Felix Navidad, how grandma got run over by a reindeer or even the 40% shopping sales at Mondo-Mart, but about a baby named Jesus who came to save us ALL!
So, come join us tonight in the gymnasium at 6:30 P.M. and hear the TRUE meaning of Christmas! (The gym doors will open at 6:00 P.M.)

Penny Drive-Tuesday

Penny Drive-Tuesday CollageToday’s Penny Drive was very exciting!  The students walked back and forth between the buckets to drop in their money hoping it would put their class in a good place for Friday.  Strategies are definitely in play.  Today’s winner is the Kindergarten class!  As you can imagine, they were definitely excited about their win today.  Who will win tomorrow???

Getting Ready!

2016 4th of July PicnicIt will be here before you know it – our annual 4th of July Picnic!  Our students are helping to prepare these beautiful windows for our auction with the guidance of Katy Thomas.  These are favorites and very “hot items” at our picnic!

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo CollageToday, we had a fun celebration of Cinco de Mayo!  We had 4 beautiful Hispanic ladies who volunteered and celebrated with us by showing and teaching us an authentic dance and shared in the fiesta.  We enjoyed Mexican food, danced and the 8th graders hit the piñata!  Este es mucho divertido!!! (It was a lot of fun!)

Poinsettias on Sale NOW!

PoinsettiaIt’s Poinsettia Sale time! As in the past few years, we will be selling these beautiful poinsettias from Stanley’s Greenhouse in Knoxville Tn. This sale will continue until next Tuesday, November 24th. The flowers will be delivered to the school the Monday after Thanksgiving, November 30th. And the prices are the same as last year, from $5 – $30.
These poinsettias make great gifts for family and friends and they also help your home and business look festive for the Christmas holidays. If you haven’t already bought your poinsettias, either contact the school office or one of our students to purchase yours today!