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All Schools Mass

Today, our 3rd-8th grade students went to the Catholic Pastoral Center for All Schools Mass in Nashville.  They had the privilege to hear Bishop J. Mark Spalding, the new Diocese of Nashville Bishop.  It will be the first time most of them have ever had the opportunity to celebrate mass with a bishop.

Sacrament of Baptism

Cara Lee Forsythe's baptismThis morning as part of our Children’s Mass, Cara Lee Forsythe received the Sacrament of Baptism.  It is always such a special occasion to see our young students choosing the Walk of Faith set before them and following Him.

Children’s Mass

1st & 2nd Gr MassThis morning the 1st and 2nd grade class lead the Children’s Mass.  It was the first time the 1st grade participated in leading.  As you can imagine, they were a little nervous, but did great!  The young ladies sang really well as they led us in worship and the young men did a good job reading and carrying the gifts.  Parents and grandparents were very proud as they listened and watched their little one lead in a very special way this morning in Mass.