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Penny Drive – Tuesday

Well, they did it AGAIN! Pre-K won today. That’s two days in a row the pre-k class has won the Penny Drive.  They were so excited, a couple of them did a happy dance! The question now is can they keep it up?

Penny Drive-Monday

You guessed it! Our week started with an EXCITING MORNING – the PENNY DRIVE!!!  The new students and pre-k’ers quickly understood how it works. Pennies count FOR your classroom and ALL other monies count AGAINST your classroom. We realize it’s too early to determine this week’s winner, but TODAY’S winner is PRE-K!  Can they keep it up?

Looking Back

5th-6th gr CSW Camping IMG_20170131_104117 IMG_20170131_104624-1 IMG_20170131_104652 IMG_20170131_104739 IMG_20170131_110639Last week, we celebrated Catholic Schools’ Week and had such fun!  Looking back at our fun-filled, busy week, our camping day had to be “funnest” day we had with the “camp fires” and s’mores.  Here is Mrs. Stepp’s class and an explanation of what they did. As part of our Catholic School’s Week festivities, 5th and 6th grades spent their Language Arts block outside around a “campfire.” We ate s’mores, told ghost stories, sang a song, and read about monster goldfish and wild boars as invasive species. As you can see, we all enjoyed our “camping trip.”


20170113_141817Today, it is with sad hearts we say goodbye to our principal, Mrs. Tina Neese. We know God has many blessings in store for her and is leading her down a new path. Although we will greatly miss her, we know the same God that created this wonderful opportunity for Mrs. Neese will also lead and guide us during this transition period.
Mrs. Neese, we are so thankful for your time with us. We appreciate your leadership, knowledge, guidance, wisdom, and compassion. We know our next principal will have some big shoes to fill.
We miss you already and wish you the best. We love you.

“Let’s Make Litter Disappear!”

lets-make-litter-disappear-collageSHS had a magic show today!  We laughed, learned the magician can NOT read minds, and how to reuse, reduce and recycle.  The students really enjoyed the show and will remember the magician, Jerry White from Magical Entertainment.