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Sports’ Picnic

20160515_174427-1Yesterday, our athletes and their families met at St. Joe’s City Park for the Sports’ Picnic.  We had a cookout with hotdogs, hamburgers, watermelon and many more sweets!  It wasn’t quite warm enough for the creek, but a few brave ones (or maybe not so smart ones!) jumped in.  Coaches Susan and Jeff Methvin gave out the awards and acknowledged how well each one did.  We had several students who were consistently in the top 20 at the Cross Country meets.  And, our soccer team was undefeated with only 3 goals scored against them!  Great Job, Athletes!!!  We want to especially congratulate our 8th graders as they led us in a great year and we will miss them.  They are Karissa Coggin, Mary White, John-Paul Littrell, Jude Thomas, Kane West, and Sam Methvin.  Not pictured-Grace Forsythe.

The 4th and Final Cross Country Meet

imagejpeg_2What a great finish the DAC Cross Country season! Eight runners finished with their best times of the season! Mary Rose Jones finished 6th overall kindgergarten girls! Samantha Stepp finished top 25 1-2 grade girls. Hayden Marks finished 6th in 1-2 grade boys. Everyone had a great day and the weather was perfect running weather! All of these runners have done an awesome job all season long! KEEP RUNNING????

3rd Cross Country Meet

CC collage, 092715We had an exceptional day at the third Sunday cross country meet of the season! The clouds kept the temps cooler and the rain held off! Most every runner improved their times, and some even improved so much they might be rewarded with a mini donkey! Hayden Marks, 1 & 2 grade boys, and Presley Morris, 7 & 8 grade girls, both finished in the top 15 of their division. Next week will finish up the Diocesean Cross Country season with the championship meet! 5-8 grade runners will also be competing for the second week in the middle school cross country race at David Crockett State Park. Keep on Running!

2nd Cross Country Meet

092015, CC CollageAnother fantastic Cross Country Sunday!  Several runners improved their times.  Mary Rose Jones was the 2nd Kindergarten girl to finish!  Hayden Marks finished in the top 10 1st-2nd grade boys and Presley Morris was in the top 20 7th-8th grade girls.  Everyone did a great job!

Great Start to our Cross Country Season

Cross Country, 091315The weather was perfect for the first cross country meet of the season and everyone did a great job! There were several runners who did exceptionally well. For Kindergarten, Landon Gabel was 4th overall and Mary Rose Jones was in the top 20. This is the largest group with approximately 250-300 kids! Hayden Marks was in the top 15 of the 1-2 grade boys. Good job guys!

It was HOT!

Cross Country, pre-k - 2nd grIt was a hot and humid day to run.  We did well and Coaches Jeff and Susan both said they were proud of everyone on the team.  We had 2 new runners this weekend, Gus Sanders and Landon Gabel.  Landon finished in the top 10 in his age group!  Way to go, Landon!!!  This picture shows pre-kindergarten through 2nd graders that run for our school.

Good day for a run

Cross Country - Sam SteppYesterday was a nice, warm day for the cross country meet.  Some of us there even received a bit of sun.   We also had several people to come and support our school which is always encouraging.  Each week, we look forward to seeing our athletes improving their time and we had several that did.  Samantha (Sam) Stepp is just one of those.  She, along with the others, did a great job with staying ahead of those in her age group and maintaining her pace.  You can see here where Coach Susan is giving her words of encouragement and telling her to keep her pace.

And, they’re off!!!

CC, 090714 - HannahYesterday was a good day to run.  The weather was nice and our athletes did a good job in each of their meets.  We had several new students to join cross country this year and everyone should be proud of how well they ran.  Some of the athletes wore something in which they could be easily spotted among the others.  It could be a bright colored hat, bright or neon colored shoes, etc.  Hannah Marks was spotted with her turquoise shoes while running in a group of other athletes.She really showed everyone how to turn on the heat when she neared the finished line and passed several girls doing so.  Way to go, Hannah!

On your mark, get set, RUN!

Cross Country PracticeAs you can tell, our athletes have been training hard to get ready for their meets in Nashville. The Cross Country team begins their new season this weekend. Coach Susan trains those in kindergarten through eighth grade that want to be part of the school team. If you have never been to one of the meets, you are missing out!  It is such a thrill to see so many gathered together to race & to cheer for our team when the bullhorn sounds and they cross the finish line!  So, come on out & yell for our team!!!