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All Schools Mass

Today, our 3rd-8th grade students went to the Catholic Pastoral Center for All Schools Mass in Nashville.  They had the privilege to hear Bishop J. Mark Spalding, the new Diocese of Nashville Bishop.  It will be the first time most of them have ever had the opportunity to celebrate mass with a bishop.

Penny Drive – Friday

What a SHAKE UP!!! The 5th & 6th grade class stole the thunder out from under the rest with their win. Today, the classes raised over $2,000!!!
Sacred Heart wants to thank the PTO for sponsoring the Penny Drive and working tirelessly at counting pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, & dollars. They are dedicated to our students and we thank them for continuing to come out each morning and year. We want to give our PTO a BIG SALUTE & to congratulate the 5th & 6th grade class on their win!

Fern Sale

Fern PicturesOur Fern Sale is currently underway and will go through March 24.  We will continue to sell the Boston, Kimberly Queen, and Macho Ferns for only $18.00 each.  The expected pick up date is scheduled to be April 22.  These will be in just in time for Mother’s Day and will make wonderful gifts and are great for sprucing up your home, patio or business.  If you would like to purchase one, please contact an SHS student or the school office at 853-4388.

Pre-K Goes Around the World

Pre-K XmasThe Pre-K has been busy traveling around the world this week to see how other countries celebrate Christmas. Monday, we traveled to Russia and learned how The Nutcracker Ballet came from them. Then we made Nutcrackers! Tuesday, we traveled to the Bahamas, learned they decorate with ocean items because they are an island and made Starfish Santas. Wednesday, we went to Sweden where we found out their Christmas season starts with a St. Lucia Celebration and made Lucia Crowns and Star Hats. Thursday, we were in Peru. We found out Christmas is during summer there and they have a huge fireworks show and carnival, so we made fireworks. Friday, we returned home to the USA, did a movement song called Ring the Bells and made a Christmas tree out of our hands and finger prints. All that travelling made us really tired and we will rest over the weekend. Whew!


http://fundraising ideas for schools, churches, and youth sports teams
ABC Fundraising®

This fundraiser is a great way to raise much needed revenue, in small increments, with no products or tickets to sell and no events to work.  Sound to good to be true???  It’s not and it’s very simple.  You simply choose an envelope at the school or church with the amount you want to give and send the money back in the envelope.  The envelopes were numbered 1 – 145 and if each envelope is filled, we will raise $10,585.00!   To date, we are over half way to our goal!!!  That’s money that goes directly to our school, to our students and to our teachers.
Envelope #s:
1-10 = $55
11 – 20 = $155
21 – 30 = $255
31 – 40 = $355
41 – 50 = $455
51 – 60 = $555
61 – 70 = $655
71 – 80 = $755
81 – 90 = $855
91 – 100 = $955
101 – 110 = $1055
111 – 120 = $1155
121 – 130 = $1255
131 – 145 = $2070

GRAND TOTAL = $10,585.00!!!

Thanksgiving Lunch

Thanksgiving LunchOur cafeteria ladies outdid themselves for our annual Thanksgiving Lunch here at SHS.  We even had a few going back for seconds after everyone was fed!  If you were unable to come, you really missed out on an awesome meal of turkey, dressing, homemade roll and much more.  It was a great time to visit with students and friends you haven’t seen in a while.