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Penny Drive – Tuesday

Well, they did it AGAIN! Pre-K won today. That’s two days in a row the pre-k class has won the Penny Drive.  They were so excited, a couple of them did a happy dance! The question now is can they keep it up?

Penny Drive-Monday

You guessed it! Our week started with an EXCITING MORNING – the PENNY DRIVE!!!  The new students and pre-k’ers quickly understood how it works. Pennies count FOR your classroom and ALL other monies count AGAINST your classroom. We realize it’s too early to determine this week’s winner, but TODAY’S winner is PRE-K!  Can they keep it up?

Poinsettia Sale Begins

poinsettiaIt’s that time again – Poinsettia Time!  SHS is selling poinsettias just in time for the holidays.  The poinsettias are absolutely beautiful and provide holiday cheer where ever they are placed, whether it is a business or a home.  The orders and money are due on Friday, December 2.  They will be delivered to the school on the following Monday, December 5.

Getting Ready!

2016 4th of July PicnicIt will be here before you know it – our annual 4th of July Picnic!  Our students are helping to prepare these beautiful windows for our auction with the guidance of Katy Thomas.  These are favorites and very “hot items” at our picnic!

Christmas Gift Open House

Christmas Gift Open House 15 FlyerAre you ready for some of the best Christmas shopping in one stop?  We will have our Christmas Gift Open House on the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend and it’s going to be awesome!  The best and most unique gifts will be available with the best prices.  You will not want to miss this year’s open house.  And, best of all, you are not only buying some of the best gifts for your family and friends (maybe for yourself!), but you are also contributing to the school.  The vendors donate at least 10% of their sales to SHS!


Penny Drive-Thursday

Penny Drive-Thursday CollageYesterday’s winner was the 5th & 6th grade classroom!  The total amounts are so close anyone could win the final countdown today.  Strategies have been seen as it appears some classes are holding out for a surprise attack today.  If you’ve never been present for our Penny Drive,today is the prime time to see one and to participate.  If you haven’t already emptied your pockets to a student, you will today when you get caught up in the excitement of it all.  Stay tuned later today for the most exciting part of our Penny Drive.

Penny Drive-Wednesday

Penny Drive-Wednesday CollageThe pre-k class won and you should’ve heard them when the announcement was made!  They were so excited they were jumping up and down!  The rest of the classes have their work cut out for them.  There is about a $50 difference between the pre-k and the rest of the classes.  Some classes are thought to be holding out until Friday, the BIG day.  We’ll have to wait and see!

Getting ready for our biggest fundraiser

Windows & Stepping StonesWe’re getting ready here at Sacred Heart School for the 4th of July!  The students are excited about the paintings they are participating in creating and choosing their favorites.  They are also making stepping stones in different designs.  Katy Thomas, with the help of Emily Marks, have done an AWESOME JOB in getting these ready.  Thanks, Katy and Emily.  YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

Joebot the Robot

Joebot the RobotJoebot the Robot visited the classrooms this morning in anticipation of the drawing being held today to win him.  He is part of the School Mall fundraiser. Every classroom loved him as can be seen in the pictures.  The most excited classroom was the 3rd and 4th grade.  They had to touch him and see him do all his tricks!  In the Pre-Kindergarten class, he carried a few of their drinks to them for snack time and they laughed saying they each wanted him.  The 7th grade stated they wanted to win him so he could carry their drinks.  The funniest picture taken, as you can see, is Cara Lee from 1st grade.  She was really surprised when she came to open the door to let Joebot the Robot into her classroom!  He comes carrying a tray and has an open backpack.  We’ll know later today who won, so stay tuned!