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Dude, You Hear What I Hear?

dude-you-hear-what-i-hear-imageTONIGHT is our Christmas Play!  We are so excited and looking forward to helping others understand that Christmas isn’t about a guy named Felix Navidad, how grandma got run over by a reindeer or even the 40% shopping sales at Mondo-Mart, but about a baby named Jesus who came to save us ALL!
So, come join us tonight in the gymnasium at 6:30 P.M. and hear the TRUE meaning of Christmas! (The gym doors will open at 6:00 P.M.)

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo CollageToday, we had a fun celebration of Cinco de Mayo!  We had 4 beautiful Hispanic ladies who volunteered and celebrated with us by showing and teaching us an authentic dance and shared in the fiesta.  We enjoyed Mexican food, danced and the 8th graders hit the piñata!  Este es mucho divertido!!! (It was a lot of fun!)

Catholic Schools Week Highlights

CSW Collage PixThis past week has been so much fun and is always a favorite among the students.  We not only have had all of the fun activities throughout the week, we dressed up and even wore pajamas one day!  Since we have been so blessed here at SHS, we wanted to share some of the blessings.  We’ve made Thank You cards for our military, seminarians, and volunteers, and brought items for The Shelter and the Lions Home.  We want our students to learn to not only think of themselves, but those around them and how they can encourage and bless them.  Thank you, Teachers, for making this year’s CSW the BEST!!!

Kindergarten’s New Year

Kindergarten New YearIn Kindergarten, we are starting the New Year out right! Our nap time is gone, so we are filling the afternoon with some fun learning activities. Our Center times include Dramatic play where they are learning how to be young entrepreneurs in the restaurant business. They are taking orders, cooking up food and serving their customers with kindness.
Another center area is the white boards where we practice writing our letters and numbers. We are making sure that every letter and number are going the right direction. Puzzles are also a fun center area as it really engages the mind. Each day we are working in different centers. Who says learning can’t involve playing? Kindergarten kids love to play and learn, and we can do it all at the same time!

Pre-K Goes Around the World

Pre-K XmasThe Pre-K has been busy traveling around the world this week to see how other countries celebrate Christmas. Monday, we traveled to Russia and learned how The Nutcracker Ballet came from them. Then we made Nutcrackers! Tuesday, we traveled to the Bahamas, learned they decorate with ocean items because they are an island and made Starfish Santas. Wednesday, we went to Sweden where we found out their Christmas season starts with a St. Lucia Celebration and made Lucia Crowns and Star Hats. Thursday, we were in Peru. We found out Christmas is during summer there and they have a huge fireworks show and carnival, so we made fireworks. Friday, we returned home to the USA, did a movement song called Ring the Bells and made a Christmas tree out of our hands and finger prints. All that travelling made us really tired and we will rest over the weekend. Whew!