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Penny Drive-Thursday

Penny Drive-Thursday CollageOur halls were very lively today as the students placed their monies in designated buckets.  You can see them in the halls trying to come up strategies to put them in the best place for tomorrow’s final Penny Drive.  Kindergarten received the most pennies today, but they were “bombed” the most and are only in 3rd place!  Today’s winner was the 1st and 2nd grade classroom AGAIN!  Those nickels, dimes, quarters, and bills sure do make a big difference!
Who’s going to win the Penny Drive tomorrow?  Will the 1st and 2nd grade classroom be able onto hold their winning streak or will another classroom sneak up and win?  These and many more questions will be answered tomorrow as we conclude our awesome Penny Drive!!!

Penny Drive-Tuesday

Penny Drive-Tuesday CollageToday’s Penny Drive was very exciting!  The students walked back and forth between the buckets to drop in their money hoping it would put their class in a good place for Friday.  Strategies are definitely in play.  Today’s winner is the Kindergarten class!  As you can imagine, they were definitely excited about their win today.  Who will win tomorrow???

Penny Drive-Monday

Penny Drive-Monday CollageOur Penny Drive started with a blast this morning!  Some buckets had very little while others were full!  The students were already talking strategy this morning to give their class the upper hand so they will win the week’s competition.  Today’s winner was the 5th & 6th grade classroom.  Will they be able to hold onto the lead?
This fundraiser is sponsored by the PTO and we have the best!  In the past, the PTO has been able to purchase desks and chairs for the 1st – 4th grade classrooms, reading books for the kindergarten – 4th grade classrooms, and white boards for all classrooms.
Remember, pennies count toward a classroom; nickels, dimes, quarters, and all bills count against a classroom.

Book Buddy Program

Pre-K Book BuddiesToday, the Pre-K finished their Book Buddy Program for the school year. Books were sent home nightly in a Book Buddy Bag, and as they were read, parents recorded them in each student’s Reading Log. Each student’s total books for the year were counted. Then, all were presented with a certificate of how many they read and special Dr. Seuss bags as a reward. The grand total of books read by Pre-K at home was……… 2,251! WOW! Way to go Pre-K!!!