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“Zombie Island”

Yesterday in 5th grade science, the class was marooned on “Zombie Island”. They had to use the design process and work in groups to design and build a series circuit. Every group built a successful circuit and made the light bulb work in order to protect themselves from the zombies. They even installed switches in their circuits! Today, they will be given additional bulbs and batteries to see if they can successfully create parallel circuits.

Butterfly Release

Butterfly ReleaseWe celebrated the butterflies’ freedom on the same day as Mexico’s Cinco de Mayo!! Kindergarten enjoyed seeing caterpillars turn to butterflies!! John Michael brought in the butterfly kit to class! The kit came with caterpillars and their food. After a week they formed their cocoon and were placed in a special butterfly cage. Six days later they popped out as a butterfly. We fed them sugar water and fruit for several days and then it was time for their release!! These butterflies are called “Painted Ladies”. We had five butterflies to release on May 5th! 5/5/16. We celebrated their freedom today too!!


5-6 ReadingThe 5th & 6th grade class has been learning to monitor their comprehensionas they read.  As you can see here, they are really focused on their task and enjoying their reading time.  Whenever the class is finished with a project or homework assignment, they always pull out their current reading book to see what’s happening next!  This class has a definite love for reading and learning.

Superheros at Play

Pre-K, CSW, SuperherosThis week is Catholic Schools Week & today the Pre-K were prepared to protect and defend in their Superhero outfits.  They enjoyed their play time this morning and learned when they help others, such as those at The Shelter, they are true Superheros!

Pre-K is Far Out!

Pre-K, Space, 012116Today in Pre-K, we learned about space, planets, stars, and astronauts.  We rotated in class like the planets do around the sun, discussed how Mercury and Venus are too hot, Earth is “just right” and the other planets are too cold for us to live on and even made our own space rockets in class!  We talked of how stars can make a constellation and saw pictures of common ones for this area.  Pre-K is now ready for space exploration!

We Love Science!

6-8 Physical Science, 1-16 CollageThe 6/7/8 grades Physical Science class has been studying solutions this week. We have learned the difference between a solvent and a solute. We have learned what a saturated solution is and have studied what factors affect solubility.
Today, the students used what they have learned to make a saturated solution, predict, and test what would happen if they used warm water instead of cold water to dissolve baking soda.
The students learned how to measure teaspoons and milliliters, planned an investigation, tested their hypothesis, and made conclusions based on their data.
To quote the students, “We love labs!”

Pre-K Goes Around the World

Pre-K XmasThe Pre-K has been busy traveling around the world this week to see how other countries celebrate Christmas. Monday, we traveled to Russia and learned how The Nutcracker Ballet came from them. Then we made Nutcrackers! Tuesday, we traveled to the Bahamas, learned they decorate with ocean items because they are an island and made Starfish Santas. Wednesday, we went to Sweden where we found out their Christmas season starts with a St. Lucia Celebration and made Lucia Crowns and Star Hats. Thursday, we were in Peru. We found out Christmas is during summer there and they have a huge fireworks show and carnival, so we made fireworks. Friday, we returned home to the USA, did a movement song called Ring the Bells and made a Christmas tree out of our hands and finger prints. All that travelling made us really tired and we will rest over the weekend. Whew!

Stockings for Military Pilots

Kindergarten Stockings for PilotsThe Kindergarten class along with the 7th and 8th grade sent some packages to Bahrain in the Middle East. Ms. Brenda’s nephew, Matthew Blair, is a Naval helicopter pilot in Bahrain. The students made stockings for the pilots and filled them with wonderful treats for the pilots. The Kindergarten class helped by making cards and brought candy and cookies for the pilots and their mechanics. Christmas is a great time to remember our young men and women who are serving overseas and as well as here in the States. The students and teachers are grateful for an opportunity to bless them!