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“Zombie Island”

Yesterday in 5th grade science, the class was marooned on “Zombie Island”. They had to use the design process and work in groups to design and build a series circuit. Every group built a successful circuit and made the light bulb work in order to protect themselves from the zombies. They even installed switches in their circuits! Today, they will be given additional bulbs and batteries to see if they can successfully create parallel circuits.

5th & 6th Grade Researchers

The 5th/6th grade have worked for the last week on researching either an extinct or endangered animal. They researched and took notes on a specific animal, then chose  a project to complete to share what they learned. Students wrote magazine articles, short stories, created infographics, and one made a video. Students shared their final products with the class today.

Butterfly Release

Butterfly ReleaseWe celebrated the butterflies’ freedom on the same day as Mexico’s Cinco de Mayo!! Kindergarten enjoyed seeing caterpillars turn to butterflies!! John Michael brought in the butterfly kit to class! The kit came with caterpillars and their food. After a week they formed their cocoon and were placed in a special butterfly cage. Six days later they popped out as a butterfly. We fed them sugar water and fruit for several days and then it was time for their release!! These butterflies are called “Painted Ladies”. We had five butterflies to release on May 5th! 5/5/16. We celebrated their freedom today too!!

Kindergarteners Pair Up to Read

K Paried ReadingThis morning, the Kindergartners found books that were on their reading level and read it to their “Reading Partner”. They read their book two times to their partner. I was amazed at how much they enjoyed helping each other and how well they read together. After they read to their partner, a few of them were able to read their leveled books to Mrs. McMasters. In Reading, practice makes perfect. The Kindergartners love books and are becoming skilled readers!!

The Butter Battle in Pre-K

Pre-K, Dr. Seuss, 030416The Pre-K class read The Butter Battle Book today and made butter in a jar (heavy whipping cream with yellow food coloring).  They had such fun shaking their jars to mix their “butter”.  Then, they had to decide if they liked their bread with butter side up or butter side down.  This determined which team they were on:  the Yook team or the Zook team.  They also colored their flags to represent which team they chose.  Celebrating Dr. Seuss Week has been so much fun!